Monday’s Mantra: Keep Your Zest

Who would have thought I’d find a little nugget of wisdom in a kitchen gadget?  I swear wisdom is all around you if you’re awake and conscious of every day moments.  Last week I elaborated on what it meant for me to be whole and shared a few of my cooking creations in my attempt to get better acquainted with my dinner table.  And this week as I thought about how I would maintain my chopping and sautéing momentum, I remembered the one gadget that would take my marinade to the next level!  It’s one of the easiest to manipulate and clean.  It also aids in producing a smell so incredibly crisp and fresh that’s to die for.  Ok, please don’t die.  My friends, ask yourself if you have a lemon zester!  If you don’t, Homegoods will be expecting you.  I honestly think they named it a lemon zester not just because it easily peels off the skin of perfectly round and bright citrus fruits, but also because the aroma literally induces excitement (hence the reason citrus scents show up in a ton of products)!  I implore you to get one and find a reason to use it!

As I was rolling the lemons around the zester, I noticed that despite my careful inspection of the fruit in the grocery store, they still had a  few imperfections.  I then began to think of how I’ve used this one fruit for so many things.  Got a pimple?  Use a lemon.  Sore throat making you miserable?  Use a lemon (in your tea).  Getting ready for your spring cleaning?  Use some lemons!  Need a pick me up?  Slice a lemon.  The list goes on and on!  I admire versatility in fruit…and people too of course.  In this moment, I found myself thinking that lemons are a lot like people.  In spite of our imperfections, we can still be used to do and become a host of great things.  Our uniqueness is what keeps the universe energizing and delightful.  In addition, we all have an opportunity to use our gifts to bear fruit in many areas of life.  And despite our scars, we can still choose to be bright and refreshing in all that we do.

The only things that should be losing their zest this week are the lemons for your marinade or cake or cleanser or…fill in the blank.  Don’t let opposition or opinions dim your shine.  So, be like a lemon — Stay vibrant.  Be flexible.  Embrace your cool.

Lemon zest for my marinade

Lemon zest for my marinade

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