The Little Things Book Club

Reading has electrified my life since I could hold a board book! As an adult, I’m genuinely excited to spend weekends roaming bookstores and libraries. Experience has taught me the beauty of living is the ability to embrace what makes you smile wider and breathe easier by noticing and pursuing all the little things. I did a thing in 2019 and started “The Little Things Book Club,” also known as “TLT,” because books and other people who love books make me happy! This community is a home for sharing inspiration and stories. Books bring us together, but life’s little things keep us from growing apart. In my quest to intentionally support the diverse backgrounds and talents of women writers, TLT book club picks are usually written by women fiction authors.

In keeping with the celebration of firsts for the new year, our first book pick of 2021 is Celeste Ng’s debut novel, Everything I Never Told You! She’s the author of our inaugural TLT book club pick, Little Fires Everywhere, that’s still one of the most talked about books in our community. I get the feeling this one will live up to our familiar excitement. To join our TLT reading conversations, I invite you to subscribe to my blog for updates, and follow the TLT community on Facebook and Instagram!


2020 TLT Book Pick Recap

Though 2020 was a wild and somber ride on my days, I believe our book picks were a peaceful place for us to land. We read six books that were heavy on the significance of authenticity, freedom, and truthfulness to self and others. I hope you’ll check them out!

2019 TLT Book Pick Recap

We read seven amazing books in our first year that walked us through the lives of fictional characters with very real stories about identity, self-love, family trauma, racial divides, conflict, romance, secrets, and much more. Add them to your list!