Monday’s Mantra: Listen Intently

We all have a desire to be heard.  We want to have a voice.  And if we’re honest with ourselves in this moment, we can admit that there are times when we want others to affirm that we’re right.  Somehow life has a way of causing us to think that if we’re heard then we’ve risen to a place of significance.  And if we’re significant then that must mean we have the liberty to say whatever we want whenever we want.  Now, I would agree that there’s a time and a place for everyone to speak up about that which fosters inequality, bigotry, and hatred.  That I will not deny.  However, there’s much to be learned when we first choose to listen.

When we elect to listen intently, we create paths for deeper understanding, higher intellect, and stronger movements.  And when we choose to listen, what we have to say is not reduced or insignificant.  But, listening makes us slow down, extend our reach, and take in what may be the answer to our prayers or the details we may need to sharpen our foresight.  It’s also a sign to others that we have a vested interest in what they have to offer.  Listening gives us direction and potentially awakens us to those parts of our lives we’ve slept through.

When moving about this week, I challenge all of us to resist the urge to get a word in and instead promote our desire to listen knowing there’s something to be learned when we minimize our speech and lend our ears.

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