Monday’s Mantra: Love Beyond

I love love in all forms.  I love it in the form of God.  I love it in the form of family.  I love it in the form of romance.  I love it in the form of giving.  I love it in the form of humanity.  I just love how love helps to make us better, more connected, and much more balmy beings.  However, sometimes  I think as we age, we become less tolerable and sometimes slightly insensitive toward our peers and strangers, which ultimately influences our expression of love.  We develop the expectation that people should know and do better solely based on the fact that they’ve celebrated a few too many birthdays and endured what we think is enough experiences to be our definition of better.

Sure, we may think we have the best solution for someone’s problem or the wisdom to right everything that’s wrong, but should that affect the demonstration of our compassion or understanding toward them?  Often we forget that everyone’s journey is just as infinitely unique as our genetic makeup.  We impose our thoughts, ideals, and responses on others and assume that it’s their truth.  You ever realize how difficult it is to love someone through your truth?  It’s challenging, frustrating, and dare I say…impossible.  Everything about life is not commonplace, including people.  We must come to love people where they are and for the uniqueness of their individual creation.  We are who we are on purpose, and the beauty of love is that it can transcend the boxes we put each other in and recalibrate our narrowed perspective of how we think others should react and respond to the happenings of life.

This week I challenge all of us to love beyond…love beyond the preconceived notions…love beyond the choices made along the journey…just love people in their truth.  Ain’t (yep, ain’t!) nobody perfect, but we’re all exclusive and deserving of love.

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