Monday’s Mantra: Find the Fun

I like to have fun!  Is there anyone who doesn’t?  I love the idea of new cultural experiences, adventure, and opportunities to laugh until I’m in tears.  Although I can’t say that I get to spend all of my time doing things I thoroughly enjoy, I make it a point to have fun as often as I can.  I live for those moments of indescribable, spontaneous, and creative fun.  If you want to find balance, then you must first find your fun.

Life is really but a vapor, and you can become trapped in a state of monotony if you don’t make a conscious effort to discover the abundance of joy that awaits in some of the simplest things.  So, whether you’re laughing with your best friend, exploring new cuisine, or singing along to your favorite tracks, just make sure it goes down as one of the best moments you’ve ever had!  Enjoy yourself while you still have the time!

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