How I Met Me

DSC_9812Being uncomfortable in your own skin is the quickest way to miss everything in life that counts and not succeed at those things that make you the happiest.  It’s one thing to know who you are, but it means something completely different to be comfortable with who you are.  Every person has been uniquely engineered by God to accomplish more than what he/she could ever fathom.  However, we often don’t become all of what we’re created to be because we never took the time to appreciate who we are.  There are five specific points I try to live by so that I’m always conscious of who I am and comfortable enough with who I am to give God the room He needs to transform me into who I’m destined to become.  Maybe what helped me will help you gain a new outlook and breathe life into everything I know you want to be.

Never let someone tell you what you can’t do.  I’ve had so many people tell me I was going to fail before I even had the chance to put one foot in front of the other and actually make a move.  Don’t allow people’s negative perceptions of your abilities to pierce your dreams.  Dreams are often inspired by passion.  Your passion leads to your purpose.  Don’t miss your purpose because you were hanging onto someone’s bad perceptions.

When something just isn’t working for you, speak on it.  Unfortunately, no one in this world has jedi powers giving them the ability to read minds.  (You do know Ms. Cleo was a fake, right? She couldn’t read minds or tell you your future!)  No problem or circumstance can ever be properly resolved if it’s never acknowledged.  You are your best voice.

Use your imagination.  Our daily routines can be incredibly monotonous sometimes.  You literally have to make time to exercise your creativity and do things outside the box.  Some of the best moments I’ve had in life were a result of me putting life as I know it on pause and exploring something else the world had to offer.  Catch a sunset.  Ride a bike on a trail.  Take a pottery class.  Count shooting stars.  Learn a new language.  Re-decorate a room.  Just do something that gives you a reason to discover what you never knew you liked.

Own your mistakes, but never let them own you.  Everyone has a past.  We’ve all done things and been places that we’re not particularly proud of.  Acknowledge and accept your shortcomings and determine what you can do to avoid making the same mistake again.  You’re not perfect.  I’m not perfect.  And guess what?  That’s perfectly okay!  Mistakes are lessons.  You decide whether you want to be the teacher or the student.

Know your boundaries..all of them.  People and circumstances will drain you if you let them.  There’s nothing worse than feeling like you have nothing to give because you’ve given so much of yourself to all the wrong things or maybe just too much to even the good things.  How do I know?  Let’s just say experience is one hell of a teacher!  My food for thought: You can control your life by controlling what you allow into your life.

All of these have not only made me more aware of who I am, but they’ve helped me to love everything about who I am.  When you’re okay with you, everyone else will be too!


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