Monday’s Mantra: Rest

Yes, rest.  It’s just that simple.  In today’s world, we celebrate the art of busy.  If we’re not doing something at all times, then clearly we’re falling behind in the “race” and certainly not moving closer to attaining our goals.  Well, let me be the one tell you (again), that the best of you doesn’t come from a place of exhaustion or overstimulation.  We weren’t made to be on the move and involved all the time.

As each second of this last week in 2015 passes away, spend a few of them putting your mind and body at ease.  You can meditate, watch movies, read a book, sleep a few extra hours, silence social media notifications, write a poem or journal entry, take a bubble bath, or admire the abundance of flora and fauna outside your window.

With rest comes clarity.  With clarity comes creativity.  And with creativity comes possibility.  But, it all begins with rest.

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