Monday’s Mantra: Face Your Feelings

Life has a way of bringing you to a place sometimes where you just don’t feel like it.  I know there have been several instances in my own life where the idea of staying snuggled under my cover after hitting the snooze button an unidentifiable number of my times was far more appealing than facing my tasks, my world…my life.  But, when I really think about where I’ve been, what I have, and all that awaits me, I can’t allow myself to watch a day go by and not give it everything I have.

While we’re all entitled to a break every now and then, we can’t afford to spend too many days trying to be invisible, particularly because isolation is often the root of destruction.  I am sure there will be plenty more days when you simply don’t feel like it.  You’re human.  But, pushing past your feelings promotes a life of purpose and promise.  We have to learn to get out of our feelings, and get busy living…not because every day we’ll have something to gain, but because we weren’t built to lose.

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