Snow Day Mantra: Organize Your Chaos

Since my Monday wasn’t the typical Monday and I missed my entry, I’ve decided to use this Tuesday to pay tribute to the only snow day I’ll probably have for the rest of this season.  Le sigh.  Although I’ve seen more serious snow storms in my day, the inclement and bitterly cold weather was definitely enough to keep me in the house.  Yes, I’m that northeastern woman who doesn’t do snow.  But, I’d say my time was well spent napping, reading, cooking, meditating, organizing, and cleaning.  As I was getting rid of old papers and magazines, putting my clothes and shoes back in their respective cubbies (who knew they’d come in handy even in adulthood?!), and adding the final sparkle to the freshly Pine-Sol scented bathroom, I realized how many years I’ve added to my life by simply maintaining a certain amount of organization.

Being organized has held the pieces of my life together and given me access to opportunities that would not have come my way if I handled my blessings and possessions in a haphazard manner.  I believe that because I’ve invested the extra time and effort to take care of what has been given to me, God has continuously made sure I’ve had everything I needed when I needed it.  How would He know that we could be trusted with more if we didn’t demonstrate care and respect for what we already have?  To get more, you have to be mature enough to handle more.  God cares that you care about the details.

Clarity and wisdom has also blanketed my life and provided me opportunities to make destiny-driven decisions because my physical environment has remained a place that’s free of clutter.  It’s very difficult to think and operate effectively when you’re living in a mess…literally and figuratively!  You have to give yourself the space to grow and embrace the newness of life, love, and shoes…or purses…or jewelry…or whatever whispers your name during retail therapy.  In other words, you have to clean up…and you have to make it a lifestyle!  Life can get messy, but that doesn’t give you permission to live in a mess.  If ever you’re feeling overwhelmed, burdened, or unhappy, take a look around and ask yourself how you’re living.  Have you cleaned up [your house, thoughts, and life] today?  Out of the muck a flower can bloom as long as it has room to capture a ray of light…

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