Monday’s Mantra: Shh…Be Quiet

I really consider it a blessing that God didn’t give me some of the things I thought I wanted.  How many times have you prayed and pleaded for something to happen, and well, it just never did.  Of course in that moment you were probably frustrated with yourself (and yes, God too…don’t worry He can take it) because it seemed as though no matter how hard you tried, things never worked out the way you wanted them to.  You probably even asked yourself how God could be so quiet.  Well, what if your prayer didn’t align with God’s intent?  What if your dream just wasn’t big enough?  What if God was simply waiting for you to ask for more?  Would you really want God to shrink His plan to meet your lackluster expectations?

Allow me to be the first to tell you that there will be periods in life where you simply have to be okay with silence.  You will have to be okay with rejection.  You will just have to be okay with what is.  It is during these moments where you learn the value of stillness.  Sometimes God has to use silence to enlarge your thoughts about His power.  Silence makes us think.  Silence makes us wonder.  Silence ignites our passion.  Silence inspires our creativity.  But, more than anything, silence draws us closer to our Creator.  We begin to look for Him.  We begin to ask for Him.  We begin to meditate on Him.  We begin to learn who we really are in Him.

It is only through the stillness of life where we can dream deeper, reach higher, love harder, grow stronger, and move further in our story.

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