Monday’s Mantra: Melt Your Matters

If you reside on the east coast or have access to any major news outlet, then you’re fully aware that this side of the nation currently looks like Antarctica repositioned itself in the world.  The monstrosity of snow all around is slightly unbearable.  The first couple days in the house are always delightful because you get to rest, play, watch, eat, and repeat.  Once you realize that a plow truck probably won’t make it to your neighborhood until next year (ok, perhaps a bit of an exaggeration), you suddenly develop a mild case of anxiety.  Maybe this is just my personal experience (I’m okay with admitting it), but something tells me a few more are showing symptoms of cabin fever.  Three things have gotten me through this snowstorm — the congenial company of my boyfriend, Wifi, and music.  Had any of these been lacking, I’m convinced I would’ve put my clothes on backwards on multiple days instead of the one that I did (oh my…don’t judge me).  But, the one outlet that has been particularly helpful is music.  It’s one of the few things that can calm my spirit, minister to the fragmented pieces of my soul, and ignite a renewed sense of happiness.  And sometimes when we need to dig out from the mounds of distractions and disappointments in our lives, music has a way of helping us breathe.

Below are ten of the songs in my rotation that perhaps will regenerate a strong sense of tranquility and cheerfulness to carry you forth into whatever your journey may bring in the coming days.  Hopefully, it won’t be another prodigious mass of snowflakes.  Stay warm!  But, more importantly, stay inspired!

  1. Byron Cage – Like No Other
  2. Coldplay – Adventure of a Lifetime
  3. Jennifer Hudson – Don’t Look Down
  4. Jesus Culture – Set Me Ablaze
  5. Marvin Sapp – Yes You Can
  6. Monica – Deep
  7. Mutemath – Monument
  8. One Direction – Perfect
  9. Tamar Braxton – Raise the Bar
  10. T. I. – Goodlife